Politically Exposed Persons

FATF Recommendation 12 prescribes that Financial institutions should be required to take reasonable measures to determine whether a customer or beneficial owner is a domestic PEP or a person who is or has been entrusted with a prominent function by an international organisation.
Also define clearly who qualifies as a PEP, including family members and/or close associates.

This means in addition to the normal due diligence
– perform enhanced due diligence to determine customer or beneficial owner is a PEP;
– Establish procedure for obtaining senior management approval to open accounts of PEPs
– reasonable measures to establish source of wealth and source of funds,
– conduct enhanced ongoing monitoring of the business relationship

Regarding insurance policy:
Financial institutions should take reasonable measures to determine whether the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy and/or, where required, the beneficial owner of the
beneficiary are politically exposed persons. This should occur at the latest at the time of the payout.

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